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Once upon a time.. STOP! This is not a fairytale.. In this City everything is working around speedway. Engine noise, meetings, emotions. This is how the city of Leszno lives. White-Blue Leszno. You can spell the word “speedway” here in different ways: speedway, speedways, speedwayian..

But this story didn’t start from speedway. Motorcycles - not what the ones you can buy now in stores, where you push the button and ride – but the ones that you must build by yourself, and go for the road. Wind in Your hair, leather jackets – that was it! Not left corner racing, not good gating from the tapes. Motorbikes and rock n’ roll, sewing leather jackets, trousers and the rest of “rockers” equipment. To wear something like this – That was something special in Poland! But how can you buy this in eastern-block Country? And that’s when the idea starts. Sewing leather products started to be a “life idea” for a Master of Needle. One day a young shy rider came.. Adam S. He wanted to have a leather speedway suit. That was a challenge! He waited some time.. but the Master made it! Other riders saw this.. and that is when things started.. It is impossible to tell the entire story here in a few words, because in these times everything looks totally different in Poland. Very often with big smoke, drinks and from the start with Dlugi (RIP!) .. All week, during the work.. and on the road..

In the year of 1992. No computers, no Internet, no English lessons the Master makes everything with his hands.. From cutting all logos, all letters. Ideas came just like that. From nothing to something! Fabrics? That was a challenge to get the fabric. Like a blind man he rode half way across Europe to find something.. Why? Because he want to show that Polish workers have our own taste. Good taste! During many months the World found us and then the history change.. About that Polish work, everyone now knows that it’s not shit. World Champions choose our products.. from Rickardsson to Crump.. without any incentives. But this is not the most important for us. Just started speedway? young guy? Amateur? League rider? Grand Prix rider? Respect! For each of our customers!

Good work is defence alone. And this is our rule. Quality, professionalism, our own style and our own ideas. Not a copy, or an outlaw going for money which kills the creation. This is not the point. We create a speedway style and we design all trends for years.

And that will be forever.

SGP Champions Gallery

For two decades, our clients have been creating the history of speedway around the world! We are proud that our products can be part of their success.

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